How do I make a beaded prayer?
Schedule a workshop or make your own following the guidelines listed below and send it in.
  1. Write down the same wish, hope, dream or prayer on two separate sheets of paper.
  2. Fold each paper until it is palm sized or smaller.
  3. Stitch each folded paper inside a piece of cloth so it is sealed shut.
  4. Securely attach at least one bead to the outer surface of each packet.
  5. Send one of the beaded packets to the address above c/o Sonya Clark. The other is for you to keep.

Click on a beading technique for diagrammed instructions. These are suggestions to get you started. You are welcome to use any technique that you wish to create your beaded prayers.

Single Bead Edge
Double Bead Edge
No Fray Fold
Bundle Prayer
Taffy Style Prayer