The Beaded Prayers Project has three components: a traveling exhibition, slide lectures, and hands-on workshops. The traveling exhibition, Beaded Blessings, is comprised of over 4000 beaded prayers inspired by African amulet traditions. Each contributed piece is a sealed beaded packet containing the written wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers of the international participants. The slide lectures include a look at accumulative community art projects and cultural traditions as well as a discussion of the importance of amulets and beadwork. The hands-on workshop gives instruction on ways to make beaded prayers using beading techniques according to the level of the participants.

From January 1, 1999 through January 1, 2004, many participants of the Beaded Prayers Project mailed their beaded prayer contributions to be included in the traveling exhibit.

After the January 1, 2004 deadline, submissions by mail are no longer accepted. The exhibit will continue to travel until it finds a permanent home. The Beaded Prayers exhibit will continue to grow but only at workshops held at exhibit venues. For more information or to schedule an exhibit of the project at your venue, please see contact information.

All others are encouraged to keep making beaded prayers with your friends and family. Make your own installation of them. Keep them as a testimony to your own community.

Seven minute videos of the Beaded Prayer Project are available on VHS ($10) and DVD ($18). Send check or money order to contact information.

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